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16mm Furring Channel

Furring Channel Description

N08, 16mm Furring Channel is used to support a wide variety of lining boards to. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, but its most common usage is to support plasterboard in a suspended ceiling. Manufactured from 0.50bmt Galvanised steel it is a durable, consistent product, featuring a wide 38mm face to fix to.

16mm Furring Channel is the slimmest channel available, meaning that it is often used as a wall batten where the smallest cavity is required.

Furring Channel Applications

Furring Channel can be used in a myriad of applications including;

  • Internal Suspended Ceilings in conjunction with Top Cross Rail
  • Internal Direct Fix Ceilings
  • External Soffits
  • Bulkheads
  • Wall Battening

N08 Furring Channel can be installed in a number of ways using the following clips.

  • N26/N94 Direct Fix Clips
  • BG01/BG02 Wall Battening Clips
  • N237/N239 Wall Battening Clips
  • N39 Locking Key
Part# Description Length
N0827 16mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 2700mm
N0830 16mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 3000mm
N0836 16mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 3600mm
N0848 16mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 4800mm
N0860 16mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 6000mm
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