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N21 5mm Plain Hanging Rod

Hanging Rod Description

N21, Plain Hanging Rod is manufactured from 5mm galvanised steel wire. It is primarily used to suspend Top Cross Rail for Suspended Ceiling Systems.

Hanging Rod Application

N21 Hanging Rod can be suspended from the supporting structure in a number of ways depending on what this structure consists of. All clips require a hook to be bent on the end of the wire, which is done on site with a pair of pliers. Once the hook is completed the N21 Hanging Rod is then suspended from one of the following clips depending on the sub-structure;

  • 38C06 Knock-in Hanging Rod Anchors are used for suspending from a concrete soffit.
  • N74 Hanging Rod Clips are used to suspend from Purlins, Trusses or Floor Joists.
  • N47 Hanging Rod Clips are used to suspend from Timber, Steel or other substrates that must be face-fixed.
  • BW Hanging Rod Clips are used to suspend from a bondek slab.

The N21 Hanging Rod is then connected to a Springhanger or Top Cross Rail Clip. There are two versions of these clips available, the N60 and the LPS clip.

The N60 Top Cross Rail clip is the most commonly used, and can be used with all types of Top Cross Rail. The only time the N60 is not used is in low ceiling height applications, as it requires a cavity of approximately 150mm.

The LPS clip is a Low Profile Top Cross Rail clip and is used in small ceiling cavities. It can only be used with the N27 Top Cross Rail,and is more difficult to install than the N60 clip.


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